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Darren Robinson

Darren Robinson

Acrylic Artist


I have been drawing and painting for almost 50 years now starting with that first box of Crayola 64 crayons I received when I was five years old. Over the years I experimented with pencils, markers, pastels, oils, acrylics, inks, and mixed media. I was and still am a HUGE fan of such Fantasy Artists as Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Larry Elmore, and Keith Parkinson, just to name a few. I often would sit and draw fantasy creatures and castles along with some surrealistic landscape visions. About 25 years ago I started learning to airbrush and added that to my repertoire. You can see the heavy airbrush influence and use throughout many of my recent realistic paintings. Recently I have experimented with Mixed Media and abstract art as a way to try and find my calling. Though VERY enjoyable, the mixed media and abstract just didn't "feel right".
In the late 80s I tried my hand at selling my art at local arts and crafts shows and started a 3 year stretch doing the Art Show Circuit. After winning a couple awards for my realistic animal portraits I took a brief hiatus and actually opened a sign painting/graphics and custom motorcycle shop. That was successful for about a decade during which time I produced award winning motorcycle paint jobs as well as being contracted to paint several Monster Trucks that have been seen on TV. After a rough divorce back in the early 2000s I closed that shop and returned to the working world at a "regular job" while in my spare time started dabbling in some fine art painting on canvas again. In late 2011 I decide to get serious and started showing and promoting my work online in November of 2012. Since then I have sold prints to collectors from several states as well Canada, Germany, and France, and have sold originals to both private and corporate collectors in several states here in the USA. In 2014 I received a First Place Award for Celebrity Portraits for my rendition of B.B.King titled "Lucille" from American Art Awards.
My artwork and painting inspiration comes primarily from how I perceive nature and all of the beautiful creations in it. I have always imagined the beauty around us with a sort of magical touch added. I have finally realized that my true passion lies with Fantasy Art and I have started the journey towards creating my favorite genre of art. Watch for my new style developing and revealing itself on another site here on FAA dedicated to just my Fantasy Art. I hope to start doing Fine Art Shows by 2016 and should have hope to have gallery representation by then. Thanks for stopping by and if you enjoy viewing my art HALF as much as I enjoy creating it well then that means I am halfway there.


Eye of the Hurricane by Darren Robinson


Whiplash by Darren Robinson


Bullseye by Darren Robinson


Fluid Motion by Darren Robinson


Fluid Motion POP ART by Darren Robinson


Faces In The Doorway by Darren Robinson


Through The Window by Darren Robinson


Solar Flare by Darren Robinson


Corporate Greed by Darren Robinson


Too Late For Change? by Darren Robinson


Underwater Universe by Darren Robinson


Eye of the Hurricane Inverted by Darren Robinson


Eye of the Hurricane Textured by Darren Robinson


Tree Frog by Darren Robinson


Apology Not Accepted by Darren Robinson


Easter Bunny Is AFK by Darren Robinson


PSSST... by Darren Robinson


Wolf Spirit Falls by Darren Robinson


Emergence by Darren Robinson


Primary Eagle by Darren Robinson


Beyond the Bridge at Lily Pond by Darren Robinson


Blue Christmas by Darren Robinson


Merry Christmas by Darren Robinson


Seasons Greetings by Darren Robinson


Red Holiday Candle by Darren Robinson


Ocean Wave by Darren Robinson


Pear of a Partridge by Darren Robinson


Bird of Paradise by Darren Robinson


Garden Guardian by Darren Robinson


Yellow Rose of Texas by Darren Robinson


Space Dolphins by Darren Robinson


Shadow by Darren Robinson


Fall Light by Darren Robinson